Sweet Nothings

AWOL Gallery ( Printopolis )


This work was inspired by the sentimental remnants and reminders, fabric and paper bits and pieces collected over time as reminders of special moments and events. At this point in my life, I have much to look back on, contemplate and be grateful for in both my life and my work. The past few years have been difficult with the loss of family members and friends and eventful with new found family and reuniting with old friends. This work is not meant to be nostalgic or sentimental about change but a tribute to the journey, a celebration of memory and gratitude for the experience of joy and sorrow, while remembering to be optimistic about the future.

This body of work is also a visual testimony to my love for printmaking and washi. Printmaking is a process oriented medium that lends itself to repetition and for myself is a practice of patience, learning, experimentation and contemplation.

The pieces in this show are made up of multiple layers of printwork on the semi- transparent papers. I use new and recycled images and materials which are deconstructed and rebuilt, creating new contexts and relationships. I have used hand and machine stitching as a means of mark making, creating routes and joining places and events. The stitching also references the tradition of quilt making, the piecing together of older fabrics to create a new article to celebrate and remember.

lip tissue


chine colle

hand stitching

memento – from when you were small

mixed print




nap time II

2 plate etching

treat ration vouchers


time wasting / day dreaming

vintage cigarette tubes